• Video1

    11/20/2013: Pro-choice judicial nominees blocked

  • Video2

    11/19/2013: Is the judicial confirmation impasse impacting American justice?

  • Video3

    10/31/2013: Blocking judges: The minority’s most effective tactic?

  • Video4

    06/02/2013: The importance of the D.C. Circuit and the longevity of the filibuster

  • Video5

    11/01/12: Holding Court: Huffpost Live on the Future of the Supreme Court

  • Video6

    10/03/12: Nan Aron: Romney Would ‘Turn the Clock Back’ on Supreme Court

  • Video7

    04/08/12: Up with Chris Hayes: Judicial review along party lines

  • Video8

    2/28/12: Sen. Coons on Judicial Vacancy Crisis

  • Video9

    2/28/12: Sen. Schumer on Judicial Vacancy Crisis

  • Video10

    2/28/12: Sen. Cardin on Nomination of Judge George Levi Russell

  • Video11

    2/28/12: Sen. Klobuchar on Judicial Vacancy Crisis

  • Video12

    2/28/12: Sen. Feinstein on Judicial Vacancy Crisis

  • Video13

    2/2/12: Sen. Alexander argues “The Checks And Balances In Our Constitution Are Being Eroded” Under This Administration

  • Video14

    11/2/11: Hearing: Sen. Cornyn Introduces Judge Guaderrama

  • Video15

    8/24/11: Debating the Politics of Confirming President Obama’s Judicial Nominees

  • Video16

    7/8/11: Manglona nomination stalled by congressional debt stalemate

  • Video17

    6/21/11: The Rachel Maddow Show on Judicial Vacancy Crisis

  • Video18

    4/21/11: CNN on Judicial Vacancy Crisis

  • Video19

    2/28/11: Sluggish judicial confirmations is triumph of ideology

  • Video20

    2/16/11: Impact of Judicial Vacancies on Civil and Criminal Cases

  • Video21

    2/8/11: MSNBC on Judicial Vacancy Reaching Crisis Level

  • Video22

    12/16/10: American Bar Association President-Elect Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III Discuss Judicial Nominations

  • Video23

    10/29/10: ACSblog: Interview w/ Matthew Yglesias on “The Filibuster and its Toll on Judicial Confirmations”

  • Video24

    10/27/10: President Obama Speaks About Filibuster on The Daily Show

  • Video25

    9/29/10: Senator Merkley on the Dysfunctional Senate

  • Video26

    9/29/10: Stephen Colbert: The Word – Original Spin

  • Video27

    9/17/10: Fox News Discusses Judicial Vacancies

  • Video28

    9/15/10: President Obama’s Speech to Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 33rd Annual Award Gala

  • Video29

    9/14/10: MSNBC Discusses Judicial Vacancies

  • Video30

    6/8/10: ACS Event on Elena Kagan’s nomination

  • Video31

    4/20/10: Senator Whitehouse and Senator Kyl on the Senate floor

  • Video32

    2/24/10: Sen. Landrieu introduces nominees Jackson and Foote

  • Video33

    10/15/08: Barack Obama and John McCain debate Supreme Court nominations

  • Video34

    1/31/08: Federalist Society event on judicial confirmations during the Bush administration

  • Video35

    6/3/10: ACS Event on Justice Stevens’ legacy

  • Video36

    3/16/10: Wheeler on the pace of judicial confirmations

  • Video37

    1/28/10: ACS Event on Judicial Nominations in the First Year of the Obama Administration

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