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Transcript of Elena Kagan Hearings:  Day One

Transcript of Elena Kagan Hearings:  Day Two

Transcript of Elena Kagan Hearings:  Day Three

Elena Kagan Judiciary Committee Materials

How Republican Senators Plan to Vote on Kagan Nomination

8/6/10:  Kagan to take Supreme Court oath on Sunday

8/6/10:  Senate confirms Elena Kagan to high court

8/5/10:  Kagan vote warns of battles to come

8/4/10:  Sen. Sessions says that there will be no Kagan filibuster

8/3/10:  Senate Opens Debate on Kagan

8/2/10:  Kagan vote is expected this week

7/30/10:  Sen. Nelson will vote yes on cloture, no on Kagan

7/30/10:  Sen. Gregg will vote for Kagan

7/28/10:  Sen. Snowe will vote for Kagan

7/26/10:  Kagan and the Legacy of Marshall

7/23/10:  Sen. Collins will vote for Kagan

7/23/10:  Republican Senate Candidate Mark Kirk of Illinois Supports Kagan

7/21/10:  Sen. Lugar will vote for Elena Kagan

7/20/10:  Reid plans confirmation vote before August recess

7/20/10:  Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Kagan Nomination

7/20/10:  Sen. Graham Supports Elena Kagan

7/19/10:  Kagan Confirmation Drama Dwindles

7/19/10:  Kagan would weigh health law recusal case-by-case

7/13/10:  Sen. Graham may support Kagan

7/13/10:  NRA Urges Opposition to Kagan

7/12/10:  GOP Requests One Week Delay on Kagan Vote

7/8/10:  Guess Who’s Opposing Kagan?  Endangered Republican Incumbents

7/7/10:  16 Senators to Watch During Kagan Vote

7/7/10:  Sen. McCain Opposes Kagan

7/5/10:  The GOP’s Passion Problem

7/2/10:  Sen. Hatch Opposes Kagan

7/1/10:  NRA Opposes Kagan

7/1/10:  Michael McConnell backs Elena Kagan

6/30/10:  Jeff Sessions questions Elena Kagan’s ‘honesty’

6/29/10:  Kagan may get confirmed, but Thurgood Marshall can forget it

6/29/10:  Kagan Day 2:  A TV Star is Born

6/28/10:  Sen. Hatch says that Kagan filibuster is unlikely

6/28/10:  Elena Kagan and the Business Community

6/25/10:  Abner Mikva’s Influence on Elena Kagan

6/24/10: Bipartisan Introduction of Kagan Planned

6/24/10: Sen. Leahy Responds to GOP Requests for More Kagan Documents

6/24/10: ABA gives Kagan highest rating for judicial nominees

6/24/10: Top Republican on Kagan filibuster: ‘I wouldn’t take it off the table’

6/24/10: Hatch Outlines Concerns about Kagan’s Nomination

6/23/10: McConnell Questions Kagan’s Impartiality

6/22/10: Solicitors General Favor Kagan, With One Exception

6/21/10: Kagan Hearing Gives Nominee the Chance to Make Good on Her Call for Candor

6/19/10: Bill Clinton Speaks Out on Kagan

6/15/10:  New York Times on Elena Kagan’s time in the Clinton White House

6/15/10:  Law School Deans sign letter in support of Kagan

6/11/10:  GOP Senators criticize Kagan’s clerkship record

6/11/10:  Conservative support for Elena Kagan

6/10/10:  SCOTUSBlog recap of ACS panel discussion on Kagan

6/10/10:  John Stanton on GOP opposition to Elena Kagan based on clerkship memos in Roll Call

6/10/10:  Washington Post profile of Elena Kagan by Ann Gerhart and Philip Rucker

6/9/10:  Interest groups and Kagan

6/8/10:  Kagan’s hearings as an opportunity to defend the Constitution

6/8/10:  The Blog of the Legal Times notes Walter Dellinger’s comments on Kagan at an ACS event.

6/7/10:  Ed Whelan on Elena Kagan in the National Review.

6/4/10:  Sheryl Gay Stolberg discusses Kagan’s Clinton White House documents in the New York Times.

6/3/10:  Kagan’s work for Thurgood Marshall

6/2/10:  Kagan and Citizens United

5/28/10:  Amy Goldstein discusses Kagan’s position on military recruitment while Dean of Harvard Law School in the Washington Post

5/27/10:  Sandra Day O’Connor on Kagan

5/26/10:  Scalia on Kagan’s lack of judicial experience

5/8/10:  Tom Goldstein profiles Elena Kagan

Elena Kagan timeline in the New York Times

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