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The following is a list of the judgeships that have been vacant for longer than all others. Click on any vacancy for more information, or click below for information on all judicial vacancies.

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The following is a list of the judicial nominees who have been waiting the longest for confirmation. Click on any nominee for more information, or click below for information on all pending judicial nominees.

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10/01/2016 – Maps
See our maps showing current and projected vacancies, as well as the current composition of the federal courts of appeal. read full story

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Sub News Item 1/12/2018 – Sen. Mazie Hirono Vows To Ask Court Nominees Under Oath About Sexual Assault History

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) wants to guarantee that those who’ve committed sexual assault stay out of positions of power, including in the federal court system. The senator tweeted on Wednesday that going forward, she’ll be asking federal judge nominees under oath whether they have a history of sexual assault.
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Sub News Item 12/21/2017 – Trump is politicising the courts – and our judiciary is under threat
Almost one year into the Trump administration, we have fallen into a disturbingly familiar pattern of looking on as the daily news cycle tracks and parses the president’s latest tweets, decrying the fact that this is not the way things are done around here. But as we look the other way, it is the Senate that he has chosen to erode norms and conventions in how judges are staffed to the federal courts, and which is breaking down our democracy at every turn. read full story

Sub News Item 12/27/2017 – Trump Had A Good Year Getting Judges Confirmed, But He’s Still A Long Way From Reshaping The Courts
President Donald Trump made good this year on a campaign pledge he hoped would convince nervous Republicans to back him: the confirmation of young, conservative judges to lifetime seats on the federal bench. read full story

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Recommended Readings

  • 12/17/2017: Venue of last resort: the climate lawsuits threatening the future of big oil
    In early October, 22 state and federal judges hailing from Honolulu to Albany got a crash course in scientific literacy and economics. The three-day symposium was billed as a way to help the judges better scrutinize evidence used to defend government regulations.
  • 12/21/2017: Why Judges Matter
    The Trump administration's increasingly bizarre war on abortion continues as immigration officials keep trying to block access to abortion for pregnant undocumented teenagers in their custody.

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The Role of the Courts

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  • Click here to view a document from the state of Maryland that includes a discussion of the concept of separation of powers and a description of the judicial branch.

  • Click here to view a document from the Federal Judicial Center that discusses the historical development of the federal judiciary.

How the Confirmation
Process Works

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Click here to view a slide show explaining how the confirmation process works.

Click on the links below to learn more about the invididual parts of the confirmation process.

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